Editor’s note:  1911 Apparel is the company that exists to raise funds for ‘All Things Veteran’ which is a charitable organization, registered with the IRS. All Things Veteran is heavily involved in homelessness for veterans, financial counseling and most important of all: veteran suicide prevention. That is a subject near and dear to the Crew of CopBlue, as well.


Imagine if you can, two guys who have known each other since High School. The two of them took different paths in adulthood. Although they were best of friends and shared similar interests, they did not share the same career plans.

One of them became a finance expert while the other became a soldier. Their relationship though, is cemented in their deep respect for our country, our military and our nation’s warriors. They both believe that our veterans are being underserved.

Darron Rowley Finance Expert and Jacob Sanderson former U.S. Army medic decided to do something about it. To me, that is the story.

There are lots of people who sit around and talk about making a difference. Then there are rare individuals who not only care, but are willing to put their money where their mouth is. They will do something about it.

The first idea from the two was to make some shirts to sell to supporters. They planned to use the cash earned so that something could be done to help our homeless and underserved veterans. Their charity, if you want to call it that, is named: All Things Veteran.



It is not a charity they have created.

It is a movement.

If you are a supporter of the U.S. military, I am asking you to get behind their effort. Buy a shirt, buy a pin or whatever suits you. Why? Because all of the funds are going to support our veterans.

They help the veterans who really need our help. They are the homeless and forgotten vets who are wandering the streets of America. There are a lot of reasons that any one of our veterans could be homeless. Often the primary cause is mental illness.

Budget cuts for mental health programs that have happened in every state have worsened this problem. When a warrior comes home and is unable to rid his mind of the horrors he has witnessed, it worsens this problem.  A VA that is overwhelmed and underfunded also worsens this problem.

What can anyone do to help these heroes who now find themselves in these very difficult situations? I believe this problem is too big for any one person to fix. I think it will take a movement and a change in the way the public thinks about the homeless veteran population out there.

Supporters of those who have been in that ‘Hell on Earth’ can make a difference. That is why this dynamic duo of Darron and Jacob are succeeding. The money that they gather goes into providing backpacks, which are loaded with supplies that can make a veteran’s life just a little bit easier.

“How does this really change anything,” you ask?

It shows these veteran warriors, who sacrificed a significant part of their youth, that they are important. It shows them that they have not been forgotten. It will also cause the remainder of us to change the way we think about homeless veterans.

IMHO, two words that should NEVER come together are:  HOMELESS and VETERAN.

I am unable to fully convey just how wonderful and valuable the programs of 1911 Apparel and All Things Veteran have become.

Patriots come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

Some of those Patriots shine. Few patriots shine as bright as, Darron and Jacob.

CopBlue salutes and supports you!


“Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift” 

We couldn’t agree more.




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